Premature Ejaculation? Solutions!

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Premature ejaculation is a tragedy for those who suffer from it, and also for their partners. Our message today is loud and clear: do not despair, solutions are at hand! There is no need to live with fast, unsatisfactory and frustrating sex. We receive more online consultations about premature ejaculation in our Patient Care Department than about erectile dysfunction –even though the latter is better known. Premature ejaculation is rarely caused by organic problems, therefore it is best approached by a psychological-sexual counselling treatment that may include a combined prescription drug treatment for ejaculatory control, during the initial stages.

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation

We don’t like to define premature ejaculation in terms of seconds or minutes, because every couple is different: some men ejaculate in a matter of minutes but are extremely unhappy because neither their partner nor they reach satisfactory sexual intercourse. In other cases, there are couples who achieve a significant level of satisfaction with just a few minutes of sex. This is why defining P.E in “x” minutes is not universally applicable. It is more appropriate to say that one suffers from lack of ejaculatory control when he cannot prolong the sexual intercourse long enough, without ejaculating so that both members of the couple are fully satisfied.

Losing ejaculatory control may be temporary simply due to a rough patch, but when this lack of control is not clearly linked to a situation of stress, it is counterproductive to wait for it to be disappear. In most cases, what happens is exactly the opposite: the problem becomes even more acute when we worry and become anxious about it.

Problems related to premature ejaculation arise due to difficulty in learning to detect the ejaculatory reflex and hence, to control it. There are many reasons that may cause this, such as having initiated and sustained undercover masturbatory practices which forced the arousal mechanism + involuntary and fast ejaculation. In others, harbouring feelings of guilt, fear of unwanted pregnancies or systematic fear of failure, etc. It is the sexologist’s job to identify the causes and propose the appropriate treatment.

How is premature ejaculation treated?

Once in the hands of the specialist, together with a suitable diagnosis, the patient will progressively recover his ejaculatory control, firstly by identifying the pre-orgasmic sensations and secondly by learning techniques to control the ejaculatory reflex. Results are usually encouraging from the very first week. It is effectively team work between the physician, the patient and, ideally, his partner (if he has one). The aim is achieving a definitive and permanent control over ejaculation, with no pharmacological dependency whatsoever.

That said, nowadays there are prescription drugs that have a high success rate in extending the span of time between excitation and ejaculation, (refractory period) as long as they are combined with the appropriate sexology therapy. We remind you that these drugs must be taken under prescription and it is crucial to follow proper administration and dosage instructions. A doctor should be the one who determines whether they are necessary or not in each particular case.

In the Institute for Sexual Medicine, we have developed an online treatment to learn to control the ejaculation. It has been operational since 1999 with notable success. From our blog we bring you the opportunity to access to the free questionnaire that our Sexual Health Unit will value, in order to give you access to the treatment.