What is a venous leak and how can I recover erection?

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Erectile dysfunction or loss of erection is usually linked to elderly people, especially after 60 years old. When these erection problems come up before, even among young people between 20 and 30 years old, warning bells start ringing because it is hard to believe for a young man that such situation might happen at such an early age.

Not every erectile dysfunction is the same, therefore not every of them need the same treatment. In the case of the venous leak, we face a dysfunction problem that may affect very young men. Hence the importance of finding the right expert with enough experience in this field so as to treat a somewhat unknown problem. In fact, it is quite usual to receive patients who have gone to and fro in search of the right treatment for them with no luck. Do you want to know more? We tell you everything.

What is a venous leak?

It is a type of erectile dysfunction in which the patient gets an erection but cannot keep it for long, so he is unable to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. In this case, the patient loses the erection quickly when he changes his position or a few minutes afterwards.

How does it happen and why?

It happens as a consequence of lack of blood supply in the penis; it is, therefore, a case of venous vascular alteration. Since there is not enough blood stream in the penis’ corpora cavernosa, the erection comes but it cannot be kept because blood literally “runs away” from the corpora cavernosa. This escape usually happens when the patient changes his posture; when he sits or stands up from a supine position (i.e. lying down), for instance.

What tests are necessary to confirm that I suffer from venous leak?

After a first diagnostic consultation, it is necessary to perform a high definition Doppler ultrasound of the penis, which will test the blood stream of the corpora cavernosa. This is a painless test, and the results are delivered immediately after the test.

There is another method to determine if we have or have not a venous leak: cavernosometry and dynamic cavernosography. However, from Dr Rosselló’s medical team, we consider that these two tests are obsolete, so we strongly advise against them due to the pain the may cause.

Which treatment option do I have to recover erection?

There is of course a solution for this problem, as long as we go to the right experts. Currently there are neither oral drugs nor medications of topical use for cases of erectile dysfunction due to venous leak. Furtheremore, Dr Rosselló’s medical team discourages the use of the injectable drugs because of the long-term side effect –even though they might relatively help in some particular cases.

The most effective and adequate treatment for cases of erectile dysfunction due to venous leak is the surgical procedure. We have two different options here: reconstructive surgery or embolization, and penile prosthesis implant.