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  • General information provided by staff from our Patient Assistance Department
  • Response time is 7 working days from the moment we receive your consultation.
  • This does not include a second opinion from our medical director regarding your particular situation.
  • Once you receive the response, no further questions may be asked; it is a simple one-time question.
  • If an appointment is made, no discount will be applied to the medical fee.
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Priority 60,00€

  • Personalised answer; medical evaluation by a specialist physician who will reply individually.
  • Response time: Less than 48 hours.
  • You may request a second opinion.
    A specialist doctor will review your information, including test results and medical documents that you may provide.
  • The paid consultation enables you to have several interactions with the assigned doctor, you may also book a video-call or regular telephone conversation, if necessary.
  • If you book an appointment in one of our Centres, the amount paid for the online consultation will be discounted from the fee of the first diagnostic visit.
Total cost: 60,00€
Payment by Paypal or credit card through our secure payment system. All proceeds will go towards funding our healthcare communication department activities. A bank transfer can also be arranged (BIC/SWIFT*)
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