It is the inability to perform sexual intercourse due to the involuntary contraction of the lower third of the vaginal muscles.
In some cases, women who suffer from vaginism may enjoy sexual foreplay and even reach orgasm as long as there is no penetration.

What are the causes of Vaginism?

The majority of the causes are psychological. The lack of sexual information and/or communication often leads to fear, traumatic experiences, rape, sexual abuses, fear of pregnancy, fear of being infected with an S.T.D., etc.


Indivisual and/or couple therapy is usually needed in these cases. Work is orientated towards achieving that the female overcomes the hurdles or blocks that are preventing vaginal muscle relatxation. Treatment includes female anatomy familirsation and contraction/release exercises of the pelvic floor (KEgel exercises) and vaginal dilatation exercises with the use of vaginal dilators.