We know choosing the right physician is not easy. And this is precisely why we want to share our understanding of medicine, our beliefs and motivation to continue our daily mission to reestablish your wellbeing. All our efforts are aimed at offering effective solutions.

  • Without health, nothing is possible. It is the starting point of everything!
  • The real value of health, is appreciated precisely when we lose it
  • Prevention and healthy eating are key to achieving 10/10 wellbeing
  • If we have physical, mental and sexual health, we will be our best version
  • Regaining control over our health strengthens and empowers us
  • Recovering our health, means recover calm and joy!
  • When ignored, a health problem is a time bomb
  • There are no hopeless cases, just unique patients
  • A patient with a problem is our opportunity to offer solutions
  • Medicine is not about selling miracle products, it is about listening, exploring & making decisions
  • A thorough diagnosis is the key to finding the right treatment
  • We ensure that your investment in health is one of the most rewarding and effective you are likely to make
  • We value your choice, we will strive to make your experience with us flawless!
  • Speed: health, time is crucial
  • Accessibility: we are available 24/7 through our online consultation system
  • Nutrition and prevention puts us in control of our health
  • Experience and skill are the foundations on which we build our present
  • Innovation and improvement are what ensures our future and that of our patients

Already 35 years have gone by since our founder, Dr. Rosselló, opened the first Clinic in Mallorca. He was determined to achieve his vision: to create a Center of Excellence in uro-andrology so that his fellow Mallorcans didn’t have to travel to leave island to access the best medical service. Today, this mission has been accomplished; we welcome patients from over 32 countries who seek top doctors! Moreover, to meet the high demand, we opened a second center in Madrid in 1995. We still have many more projects in the pipeline and this new website marks the beginning of a new stage to be more accessible than ever online, to help you solve your problem and get a second opinion from home within 48h.

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