Welcome, Movember!

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MovemberOctober has witnessed many pink ribbons fastened in people’s lapels, whose meaning we all know: the fight against breast cancer. Today, it’s conforting to know that thanks to the early detection and the medical advances, breast cancer can be overcome in the overwhelming majority of cases. November is coming and it’s time to focus our attention on another not less important issue: men’s health. Even though the proposal for an awareness campaign does not involve ribbons, it promises to be equally decorative -at least where facial hair is concerned.

We are delighted to announce that it is now the turn of the male health: In November, grow your Moustache! #Movember

Since 2003, the Movember Foundation has been launching annual campaigns on male health in order to improve the quality of life for men from all around the world.

Why this name? Because “mo” comes from “moustache” and “vember” from “November”. We propose to wear a moustache as a symbol that will undoubtedly trigger many questions. “Hey man! What about that moustache?” The goal is to turn it into an agent of change so as to spark discussions on men’s health, to provide answers and to create a space where men can take the opportunity to talk more openly about their health.

The statistics show an average of six years less of lifespan for men compared to women. The reasons for this are closely linked to a lack of awareness, but especially to a lack of understanding of the health problems they must face and how to prevent them. Men are usually reluctant to talk about their health situation and, moreover, to admit that they feel physically or emotionally ill so they take a long time to seek help. For most men, something so vital as being subject to annual medical examinations is considered an oddity. However, we try to encourage these check-ups from our Centres.

We already explain it in our “Why Choose Us” section: if ignored, a health problem is a time bomb. And so, we join the Movember Foundation to be able to add a funny touch to such a serious matter.

Let’s take action: What can we do?

  • -Let your moustache grow; it will generate reactions. Whenever someone asks, you just have to explain how important it is to attend to regular reviews and to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Below you can find some ideas for your “new moustache-look”.
  • -If you are a woman, you can also get involved! Inform your “men”, take a photo of yourself with a made-up moustache and comment on social networks using the following hashtag: #movember.
  • -Share information about this campaing on Twitter or RT our twits.
  • -Share or click LIKE in our Facebook.
  • -Raise funds for the Movember Foundation. We have created a team of Mo-Brothers and Mo-Sisters called “Hay Soluciones”. We invite you to join, donate money and spread the news among your friends. Here you have it. The money is paid directly to the Movember Foundation through our registered team of Hay Soluciones.

Furthermore, from our Centres, we will offer the opportunity to attend to free medical examinations for men of any age who want to know their prostate or renal health or their sexual function. It will take place at Palma on Monday 16, and at Madrid on Wednesday 25.

The success of this campaign will mean a progress towards:

  • Making men fully understand the health risks they face and making them act so as to prevent them.
  • Reducing the mortality rate in both the prostate cancer and the testicular cancer.
  • Contributing to the improvement of the physical, mental and sexual health of men with prostate or testicular cancer.