Cryosurgery for prostate cancer


We offer cryosurgery procedures for the treatment of localised prostate cancer, in collaboration with Dr. Franco Luganani (Trieste) and Dr. Pedro Torrecillas (Malaga).
Profile of patients suitable for this procedure.

Patients with localised prostate cancer, i.e. that has been diagnosed at an early stage, with small prostate volumes of no more than 40 grams, of any age and that are seeking minimally invasive yet effective treatments for the control of their illness.

What does this technique consist of?

This procedure involves freezing the tissue.  Sophisticated technology is used to insert a series of fine needles around the perineum inside the prostate, creating a number of ice spheres that reach deep freezing temperatures as low as -70°C and destroy the prostatic tissue and the cancer cells inside.

What advantages does it offer?

The key advantages of this procedure are that it is efficient, minimally invasive and radiation-free. In expert hands it is a simple procedure that is fast and allows for rapid patient recovery with minimum discomfort.