Intracavernous injections for premature ejaculation: Do they work?

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Premature ejaculation (P. E.) is a sexual problem that affects many more men than you would expect. Men suffer this pathology in silence and with much shame, which considerably delays the decision to look for professional help.

Although there are several treatment options to solve premature ejaculation effectively, more than half of men suffering from this problem look for “miracle” potions or pills on the internet that allegedly eliminate the problem without any effort from their part.

These so-called miraculous formulas are deceptive and do not really cure the root of P.E., they are at best only a temporary patch that can take its toll over time.

We live in a society that tends to seek immediate solutions for all kinds of issues, we want quick fixes with little investment on our part. When it comes to health however, we must approach things differently.

The most important thing is to find an expert in andrology who will perform an accurate diagnosis in order to determine the reasons behind premature ejaculation.

What are intracavernous injections and do they work for premature ejaculation?

Intracavernous injections are a prescription treatment for a reduced group of patients with erectile dysfunction (not premature ejaculation) for whom oral medication does not work or it is contraindicated.

These injections, which should be applied after medical supervision, are injected in the shaft of penis to obtain an erection. Their active ingredients are alprostadil and papaverine and, sometimes, they are combined with phentolamine.

How do these injections work?

Through an injection into the penis, vasoactive drug substances are introduced in the corpora cavernosa of the penis where they produce an almost instantaneous erection in the patient.

This method was introduced in 1982 by Dr. Ronald Virag, who used intracavernous injections to treat cases of erectile dysfunction.

Substances that are injected into the penis facilitate greater blood flow to fill the corpora cavernosa causing an erection.

Do these injections cure premature ejaculation?

No. These injections fill the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood and produce a long lasting erection that allows prolonging intercourse even after the ejaculation takes place.

Using them might cover-up the premature ejaculation problem during some time because they allow maintaining the erection beyond the orgasm but they do not solve the premature ejaculation, and in the medium and long term they can cause serious additional problems.

Do intracavernous injections have side effects?

Yes. The continuous use of injections for the erection in a delicate tissue such as the penis can cause micro-lesions that will favor the appearance of fibrotic plaques or indurations of the penis. In the long term, this scar tissue can lead to the onset of La Peyronie’s disease.

What alternative treatment can cure premature ejaculation?

The first step is to make a complete diagnosis to know if the origin of premature ejaculation is physical, psychological or a mixture of both.

The goal is to carry out a personalized treatment in order to learn to control the ejaculation without the help of any drug, even though it may be necessary to use them in the first phase of the treatment.

The key is to look for expert advice, a specialist in andrology and/or sexual medicine will be the best choice for effective treatment.

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