Movember or why men should go for an annual medical review

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Most men think that the annual medical check-up is a matter for women and that they do not have to go to the doctor if they are not sick. This belief is totally wrong. In fact, precisely because of this lack of awareness of the importance of preventive medicine, the mortality rate of men is much higher than that of women. Movember is an initiative that aims to reverse this trend. We are in November and it is the month in which the Movember campaign – worldwide – which advocates for male health awareness. The symbol is that, through a sympathetic and inconsequential gesture such as leaving a mustache (or mustache or mustache, hence Mo-vember’s), we call attention to our environment on very serious matters:

1) prostate health 2) testicular health 3) male mental health

After years of campaigns, a large part of society knows the meaning of the pink ribbon: women must self-explore their breasts monthly and take care of their life habits to prevent breast cancer. In the male population, prostate or testicular cancer is much more common and it is through the mustache that the aim is to raise awareness about the importance of retaking control of health and going for periodic check-ups.

Where to start? What can you do from today? Communication: Men are often more reluctant to talk about their intimate topics for fear of being ridiculed. Many still believe that admitting a certain weakness makes them less attractive or less respectable. Not releasing this emotional charge usually has a cost and could manifest in states of depressive mood, anxiety attacks, anger or panic.

This month, propose to talk with that person that you know is willing to listen to you. Put it on the agenda, sharing is important because it connects you with others, it relaxes you and helps you relativize whatever it is that anguishes you. Male mental and emotional health begins with something as simple as this: talking and sharing.

MOVE: The “move” challenge proposed by the Movember campaign consists in proposing to start a stable and lasting relationship with the sport. You do not have to join a football team (although it could be very fun), much less sign up for a marathon, it is simply a matter of getting a firm but reasonable commitment with regular and scheduled physical exercise.

Seek expert advice in this field is a great investment to ensure proper training according to your age, your weight and your tastes. Hiking, staying for excursions with friends, exercising with a personal trainer or joining dance classes can be more attractive options than going to a gym without more. We tend to convince ourselves that it is impossible because “I do not have time”, but you have it if you look for it and prioritize it.

Family history: Do you know your family history? Do you know if there is a tendency to certain diseases (diabetes, depression, hypertension, etc.)? You should know about the deaths of the men in your family who came before you and your parents. Taking advantage of the information search to strengthen ties with your parents, your grandparents, your uncles or cousins, is a great opportunity to connect with them and with yourself. In addition, you can explain the importance of Movember if they ask you what so much question comes … 🙂

If you already know us but have been leaving the doctor for a better time, ask for an appointment, since there is no better time than this. Do not wait for something to happen to you or an upset may arise. If we can help you with your medical insurance, there is no problem, but if you do not have private insurance, we want to help you with a very important discount in our medical fees.

During this month we offer a symbolic price of € 10 for the first medical check-up visit to men of all ages who will go entirely to Movember *. complete clinical history physical examination (no, it does not include digital rectal examination, it is not a necessary test in an initial review);) sexual health questionnaire mental health questionnaire Request for blood and urine tests (the amount must be paid) Testicular ultrasound request (the amount must be paid) second visit to review results Request your appointment or more information at * Allocate money to Movember ensures that it will be used for scientific research on male health issues such as prostate cancer, for example.

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