Everything you need to know about the penile prosthesis implant

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protesis peneErectile dysfunction which is non responsive to pills or injections, can be solved through surgery. Making the decision to undergo penile prosthesis implant surgery is a difficult step that raises many questions. Our team is headed by Dr Rosselló, who has more than 30 years of experience with this type of procedure. He has already performed more than 1,500 surgeries and, in addition to being a pioneer in the penile prosthesis implant surgery in Spain, he currently receives many difficult cases that have been rejected by other medical centres. Here are the answers to penile prosthesis implant surgery FAQs as well as the post-operative process. To find out more about surgery, we recommend you read our article right here.

Penis size after prosthetic implant surgery: is penile length reduced?

It does not have to happen, but to minimize the risk it is essential that the surgeon has extensive experience in this type of surgery, since the choice of the size of the prosthesis and its correct placement is key to maintain the original length. Measuring the cavernous body (proximal and distal) during surgery is pivotal in order to avoid mistakes when choosing the size of the prosthesis. Incidentally, Dr Rosselló Barbará is the inventor of a surgical instrument (patented in Spain and in the USA) that was created to dilate the cavernous body, scrape the fibrotic tissue and also measure its length.

Does the size of the penis increase with penile implant surgery?

No, a penile prosthesis implant procedure does not intend to achieve a size increase. Many patients are mistaken about this, due to internet misinformation or unreliable explanations offered by some centres. A prosthesis aims to emulate the erection mechanism, but in no case enlarges the penis. It is complete different to a breast implant, for example, whose purpose is usually to increase the original volume.

Can penis lengthening surgery be applied in penile prosthesis surgery?

It is common to experience a loss of penile length after years of lack of blood flow in the corpora cavernosa. Many patients notice that the penis shortens and the tissues lack elasticity. In these cases, we can suggest to incorporate penile lengthening surgery in combination with penile implant surgery. The loss of penile length is frequent in patients who experience severe erectile dysfunction during several years of evolution.

How does the penile prosthesis affect orgasm and ejaculation?

A penile implant does not affect ejaculation nor the ability to experience orgasm. On the contrary, many patients report more pleasurable orgasms after the surgery since the prosthesis provides performance certainty, and eliminates the fear of failure that they experienced in cases of severe impotence.

Does the penile prosthesis affect fertility?

If the patient does not have any fertility issue prior to the operation, there is no risk of fertility being affected by the surgery.

Some patients report “cold glans” post-surgery, does the penis lose temperature with the implanted prosthesis?

Some patients report a drop in temperature because the corpora cavernosa will host the cylinders made out of the bioflex which is a non-conductive material. (The same goes for breast implants, for example.) In some cases, a certain degree of blood supply is preserved, which, will maintain the temperature better.

When nude, is the prosthesis noticeable to the naked eye?

The three piece hydraulic or inflatable prosthesis is the most sophisticated model and the one that best replicates the state of flaccidity and erection of the penis, as well as the intermediate states. It is undoubtedly the one that will offer a completely natural look. Malleable prosthesis are noticeable since they are always semi-rigid.

How long does the penile implant work for? Do penile prosthesis need to be replaced?

The average duration of a prosthesis is 15 to 18 years. There are patients who do not suffer any mechanical failure and never change it, but it is not infrequent to change the prosthesis after the mentioned period. Regardless of the time elapsed, the material of the prosthesis has a lifetime guarantee and only expenses derived from the surgery would have to be paid.

Regarding practicing sports, are there any restrictions?

There is a restriction for the use of the mountain bike.

When can I have sex again after penile implant surgery?

Once the postoperative period is over, sex can be resumed after approximately five weeks. The medical discharge visit after the patient training on how to activate and deactivate the prosthesis will determine the exact period.

Is sexual intercourse normal with a penile prosthesis?

Yes; prostheses provide an erection with optimal rigidity, do not affect ejaculation nor the ability to experience an orgasm. The partner may not even notice that there is a prosthesis during intercourse.

Is the erection painful with a prosthesis?

Not at all! But the post-op period must be respected scrupulously. If you pain or discomfort appears, you should consult with the surgeon or ask for a second opinion if the recommendations do not resolve the problem.

In our centres, we offer the possibility of contacting patients who have previously undergone penile prosthesis surgery so that they can offer a first-had testimony of their experience..

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