I need a specialist but I live far away… What should I do?

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Nowadays, this is no problem! Since we offer the possibility to make an online consultation from our website, we would like to clarify when this is the best option for a patient who lives abroad or who wants a solid second opinion before making a decision. We will also explain the differences between our free online consultation and our paid online consultation modality.

When we face a medical problem we usually go to the internet and hope to find a reliable source of information even before we chose to make medical appointment. Medical assistance is becoming increasingly globalised and today it is feasible to obtain second opinions on a particular diagnosis or preliminary medical counselling, from our computer screen, without leaving the house. Even if we have visited a local doctor, we may still have doubts or simply wish to contrast what has been dictated. Do we have to sit, accept things and let it slide? The answer is no: virtual medical consultations are here to help.

What kind of conditions can be approached through an online medical consultation?

Long-distance consultations allow you to have a preliminary assessment of pathologies and diseases whose diagnosis does not require an anatomical examination. In our field, cases such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or penile curvature problems can be first assessed with an online medical consultation which may require sending images or having a video conference. When the condition involves an anatomical aspect and/or surgery (penile curvature, vasectomy, penile enhancement, testicular surgery, prostate surgery, etc.) it will be necessary to have an in-clinic consultation once the patient decides to go ahead with the proposed course of action.

What symptoms are not suitable for online consultations?

It is better not to choose an online consultation if it is a very urgent problem (penile fracture, sudden testicular swelling or acute pain) since this will require an anatomic exploration. If the patient has engaged high-risk sexual activity and symptoms appear (itching, injuries, skin manifestations, etc.), then it is recommended to book an appointment.

The anatomical evaluation usually helps to elucidate whether it is necessary to take urgent action.

When should I go for an online paid consultation or an online free consultation?

There are several differences between a paid and a free consultation. With this in mind, the patient will decide which the best option for his /her needs is.

  • Free consultations

In this case, the consultation is attended by trained staff from the Patient Assistance Department, therefore the response is not personalised nor is it attended by a medical doctor.

These free consultations do not include a second opinion. In other words, if you have already visited a doctor and if you are under treatment, but you would like one of our experts to evaluate your case (including reviewing results, ultrasound scans, etc.), you should opt for the paid consultation.

Free online consultations have no cost and the response timeframe is between 2-7 working days.

  • Paid online consultations

This option will provide a personalised response and the assessment will be by one of our medical specialists, usually our medical director. It is the best option if you need a second opinion because you will have direct access to our medical team (one member or more, if necessary) and all the related information will be carefully reviewed. (E.g. blood analyses, ultrasound tests…).

The paid online consultation will enable the patient to make several consultations with the specialist, including phone calls or videoconference sessions, if considered necessary.

Furthermore, online paid consultations ensure that you will receive an answer within 48 hours for half the price of our in-clinic consultation; that is for 60€. The system is easy, you only have to register in our web site and click to access the payment area via our secure payment gateway (you can pay by credit card, VISA or MASTERCARD). If you do not want to pay by card, you can pay by transfer by contacting our Patient Assistance Department via e-mail (consultas@haysoluciones.com) or by phone + 34915100664.

With this kind of consultation the patient can benefit from a discount on in-clinic appointment or treatment with us in the future.

Online treatments: when are they advisable?

Some pathologies may be treated through online consultation, especially when patients find it difficult to get to our Centre due to time restrictions or mobility issues.

Online consultations are also a good means to accelerate the diagnosis before the first actual visit, because the doctor will ask for any necessary medical test (blood or urine tests, ultrasound test…) in order to have the results ready for that actual visit in our Centre. This first contact makes the diagnosis process easier and faster so the doctor can swiftly determine the best treatment for you.

Besides, online consultations are the best choice to save costs from unnecessary travels: sometimes the online consultation is enough to start your treatment, thus preventing you from investing time and money travelling to where the doctor is.

How do they work?

It is very simple: you only have to register in our website (you can click here), pay 60€ and within less than 48 hours the doctor will contact you.

At the beginning, communication will be via e-mail, but it may be possible to schedule a telephone appointment or a Skype videoconference.

After this online consultation, you have the possibility to attend our Centre for an actual on-site visit with our specialists. Out medical team will provide the same professional treatment either in an online visit or in an on-site visit. The only difference is the digital support in the first modality.

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