Dra. Susana Cañellas

Clinical Psychology and Sexology


Dra. Susana Cañellas

1982-1983: Director of the Sexology and Psychosomatic Medicine at the Carlos Haya Hospital in Malaga.
1981-1985: President of the Balearic Department of Sexology and Family Orientation of the Catalan Sexology Society.
Since 1985: Director of the department of Clinical Psychology of C.E.F.I.V.BA. (Centro de Fertilización In Vitro de Baleares) She has also collaborated in different educational projects and courses where she has presented lectures and communications.

Publications and other relevant experience:

She is also the author of various Investigation projects such as like: “Comparison of Sexual Relations before and during pregnancy”, presented in the I International Symposium on Sexology in Granada on 1982.