Dra. Rosa Abenoza

Sexology consultant and physicist


Dra. Rosa Abenoza

1982 M.D. Degree. Zaragoza University. Zaragoza, Spain.

nº 37859

Academic Background

1992 Master in Human Sexuality. UNED University. Madrid Spain

1990 Master in Sexology. Institute of Sexology Sciences

1989 Diploma in Psychoanalysis training. Psychoanalytic Centre, Madrid

1985 Diploma in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychology. Spanish Society of Medicine and Psychology, Madrid

Work Experience

Since 2008 Sexual psychotherapeutic councilor. IMS, Institute of Sexual Medicine, Madrid.

1989 – 2007 Sexual councilor. Prosalud International Clinic.

1995 – 1997 Doctor and sexology consultant. Youth Sexual Orientation Centre. Madrid.

1983 – 1994 Family Doctor at Primary Care practice. Catalonian Health Institute and National Health Security(institute).

Principal areas of interest:

Masculine and feminine sexual dysfunctions

Resolution of sexual-emotional problems and relationship problems

Since 2008 Dr Abenoza is prescriptor of protein diet method, combining weight loss treatment and nutritional re-education assessment with therapy directed towards food drive and anxiety management.

Publications and other relevant experience:

2004 “Inmigration and identity: psychopedagogic orientations”. Intercultural Education Books, nº 5 , Edit. Catarata.

2003 “Quality of life after sexual reallocation surgery” within “Transsexuality. In search of an identity”. Ed. Díaz Santos. Madrid

2000 “Sexual education” within  “Adolescent children and youth in social struggle”. Revista Documentación Social nº 120.

Professional and Scientist Membership

Member of Archive of Psychotherapy Doctors of the Official Medical College, Madrid.

Member of the Psychoanalytic Centre of Madrid, the Spanish Federation of Psychotherapists and the International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies.

Member of National Association of Sexology professionals (AEPS)