Free of charge
General information is provided by the staff of our Patient Assistance Department.
It does not include a second opinion of your particular situation.
Once you receive the reply, no more questions may be asked, it is a simple one-time question.
Response time is 7 days from the moment you make your consultation.
I fan appointment is made, it will not include discounts.


60 €
Personalised reply, medical evaluation by a specialist doctor who will reply individually.
You may request a second opinion. A specialist doctor will evaluate your information, including test results and medical documents that you may provide.
The paid consultation enables you to have several interactions with the assigned doctor, you may even book a telephone appointment, if necessary.
Response time: Under 48 hours
Total cost: 60 €
Credit card payment through our securitised payment facility. All benefits are reinvested in our Health Educacion and Prevention budget. You may also pay by bank transfer, please request bank details
If you book an appointment in one of our Centers, the amount paid for the online consultation will be discounted from the fee corresponding to your diagnostic visit.