Laser surgery for Prostate Syndrome


First Center in Balearic Islands and third in Spain to offer LASER SYSTEM
The laser technique was first introduced in Balearic Islands in 2004, through our Center. Dr. Mariano Rosselló accumulates the largest number of cases performed with this technique in the Balearic Islands. Laser surgery is extremely effective and comfortable for the patient; it can be carried out as an outpatient surgery, since it is minimally invasive and therefore, has a very quick recovery period.

Patient profile eligible for this procedure

Specially indicated for patients with a prostate weighing between 40 and 100 grams, of any age and with a history of serious condition due to prostatism: weak urine flow, high frequency of urination, delayed onset of urination, etc.

What does this technique consist of?

The laser system is the most important advance in the last 25 years in the treatment of BPH or enlarged prostate. This new technology uses a laser combined with an optical fiber, specially designed for this application. The combination of both (laser + fiber) allows soft tissue to be vaporized completely thus eliminating the enlarged prostate tissue. Approved by the FDA and the EU, its efficiency and reliability is beyond doubt. Currently, our Centre has over 550 cases of experience.

Where was this method developed?

This method was developed after five years of clinical research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota (USA). As per our country, this technology is currently available in different hospitals throughout the peninsula. Our Centre was the third in Spain to incorporate it.

What are the advantages?

The laser method is minimally invasive and provides as long lasting results as other more aggressive surgical options.
1. According to clinical data, no other method for the treatment of BPH manifests such an immediate symptom relief.
2. This technique only requires 24-hours of in-clinic stay, it produces virtually no blood loss and recovery time is fast and comfortable. It is ideal for patients taking anticoagulants and / or antiplatelets.
3. The probe is to be worn only for 8-10 hours.
4. Allows vaporization of 2 grams of tissue per minute.
5. Minimal risk of urinary incontinence and / erectile dysfunction post-surgery.
6. Unlike retropubic prostatectomy, the patient does not have to stay in the clinic during 7-8 days.