To check whether the mathematics nervousness-show hook up was moderated by a variety of details (age

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To check whether the mathematics nervousness-show hook up was moderated by a variety of details (age

g., geographical region, measurement away from MA, dimensions regarding mathematics abilities, sex, degree top, and you can guide year), i used the fresh heterogeneity sample. Brand new Q try (heterogeneity test) have discovered the distinctions certainly impression types, therefore to explore which potential moderator (i.elizabeth., research keeps) could have played a job during these variations are called for.

Geographical Area

Geographical countries was basically sensed a prospective average basis. The end result items was in fact labeled towards the four broad communities: United states, Europe, China or other counties. The newest statistical heterogeneity one of the impression systems are found (Q = , p = 0.01). Especially, the research that have Far eastern examples met with the biggest impression dimensions (r = ?0.41), once the knowledge that have Western european products displayed the littlest feeling proportions (roentgen = ?0.21). Simultaneously, the research with us samples had a much bigger feeling proportions (roentgen = ?0.30) compared to involved class within the Europe, because they had a smaller sized impact dimensions compared to related class within the Asia.


The moderate analyses to the gender had been used through a couple measures. Basic, the course on this subject adjustable are in keeping with Ma’s (1999) study, therefore we opposed if the mathematics anxiety-overall performance hook up was rather additional one of three classes (men, female, and you may blended); the outcome ideal there have been no differences one of many three kinds (Q = cuatro.62, p = 0.099). Second, this research had a tendency to expand further to evaluate when you should exclude new mistake impact throughout the combined class and you may whether the mediocre correlations ranging from men and women was indeed notably some other. Just seven knowledge you to definitely given the newest correlation between MA and mathematics performance or necessary information might be gone to live in impact versions for other men and women was in fact provided. The outcome ideal zero significant difference ranging from ladies (roentgen = ?0.30) and guys (roentgen = ?0.18) (Q = 2.73, p = 0.098).

Amount Top

Five levels-top teams have been formed within this meta-research, and an elementary class, junior higher classification, older large class, merge group, and you may school class. The results advised it variable had extreme effects for the math anxiety-performance hook up (Q = , p = 0.02). More specifically, the new older highest classification encountered the largest math stress-abilities hook (r = ?0.44), followed closely by the brand new junior large class (r = ?0.39), college or university (r = ?0.33), basic (r = ?0.27), and you will mixed category, which had the tiniest math stress-show hook (r = ?0.21).

Publication Ages

The modern meta-analysis contains the full time physical stature off 19 decades (2000–2018). To test whether or not time had an effect on brand new math nervousness-overall performance connect, good Pearson relationship is conducted within guide age while the of all of the personal training (r = 0.27, p > 0.05). Zero relationship is discovered ranging from impact systems plus the guide decades (Figure cuatro).

Aspect regarding MA

We also looked whether the scales accustomed take to math nervousness had an impact on the brand new mathematics stress-overall performance connect. The outcomes recommended that the dimensions out-of MA didn’t come with impression on the mathematics anxiety-overall performance hook up (Q = six.54, p = 0.48). Specifically, individual knowledge which used most other balances (elizabeth.g., brand new Math Nervousness Size to possess Primary School Youngsters [MASESS; Bindak, 2005] apps de rencontre lgbt friendly encountered the premier math stress-abilities hook (r = ?0.41), followed by degree which used the MAS (roentgen = ?0.40), MARS (r = ?0.35), MAQ (r = ?0.28), MASYC (r = ?0.26), CMAQ (roentgen = ?0.24), SEMA (r = ?0.24), and you will AMAS (roentgen = ?0.24), and individual degree which used this new MASC met with the smallest mathematics anxiety-abilities connect (roentgen = ?0.15).

Aspect of Math Overall performance

The classification criteria used to code the “math performance” variable are different. In terms of the testing aspects of the math performance test, two skills were highlighted: calculation and problem solving. In this study, the measurement aspects of the test had significant effects on the math anxiety-performance link (Q = , p < 0.01). Studies that evaluated mixed math performance (calculation and problem solving) reported the largest effects (r = ?0.37). In addition, it is worth noting that studies in which the test assessed problem-solving skills in math performance reported larger effects (r = ?0.33), while studies that assessed the calculation ability in math performance reported smaller effects (r = ?0.21). In terms of the form of the math performance test, three types of math performance tests were identified: custom test, standardized test and others. There was a significant difference among these conditions (Q = , p = 0.001). The results suggested that studies that adopted a standardized test custom test reported larger effects (r = ?0.33) than studies that adopted a standardized test (r = ?0.28). Moreover, the studies that adopted other math tests reported the largest effects (r = ?0.51).