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Then let the impeachment of McGuinty begin. Dalt got a free house [ 1 1/2 million ], supposedly from the Liberal party. I disputed that at least 4 years ago. I concluded that the nukies gave McGuinty that house and that Liberal officials were lying. I arrived at this opinion because during that period the nukies, who had seized our electrical system to pay for their nuclear experiments were under great stress. Getting a contract for a couple more overpriced CANDUs was crucial for the survival of AEC. At every turn McGuinty favoured the nukies over Ontarians, a way over the top. I decided that giving this rogue a house was the way to gain favours from him. And favours AEC got. I wrote letters to a number of people about this free nukie house, to John Honderich of the Star, MPPs and TO McGUINTY HIMSELF AT QUEEN’S PARK.

Otherwise there will not be peace in Ontario until he is removed

I never heard a word and the Star remained mum. This free house has to be investigated along with the gas plant contracts. I will see Dalton McGuinty go to jail.

Scaring people over their pensions by Harper keeps the Nietzsche Herd on edge

I have nothing but contempt for the Liberal MPPs and the right wing cancer cells who populate the bribed media like Terry Corcoron [ who would have fitted in well as a Nazi ]. The Liberals should be screaming to the rooftops over what this rogue McGuinty has done, he has kidnapped democracy with L. G. David Onley’s help. He resigned to avoid being incriminated in theft from the public treasury, plain and simple. His Government was as corrupt as they come but the media is being paid off and they are pulling their punches for a share of the take. Gary Doer, Canada’s Ambassador to the USA was interviewed on the CBC about to-day’s US election. He talked about more than $ 2 billion spent on Pres.

Why do we permit the media to repeat lies in return for money without penalty. Lying in Court as Conrad Black did earns jail time. Truth in the bribed media is now quite a rare commodity. Misleading the public has had a corrosive affect on Americans and has contributed to the demise of that once great Country. Since George Bush Jr. It is like allowing 8 year olds to behave in any outrageous manner they see fit. Then when they reach 20 trying to get them to behave like adults and accept reality. Obviously a democratic society can’t withstand such bad behaviour and irresponsiblity on the part of huge numbers of older 8 year olds. Look at the USA now, beyond hope. Canada is being subjected to the same campaign of lies, Peladeau’s Sun newspapers being the worst.

The interests of the majority never crosses minds at the Sun. Their job is to diseminate lies, spin and propaganda for anyone with a fat cheque book, the righter the better. The closure of the Legislature is in keeping with Herr Harper’s goal to destabilize the provinces and to drive wedges between them. What the right wing is good at is turning one group against another. People are less likely to make trouble for the authoritarian central Government if they are fighting over table scraps amongst themselves. Canada is rich by any measure but that wealth is being syphoned off by the Americans, China or any other nation. That is where Herr Harper is taking us.

Of interest was the statement of Christina Blizzard about the worse than useless Tim Hudak , the cardboard man. She said Tim has to find some of Herr Harper’s magic displayed in his winning a very slim majority. Read my lips Christina. Harper won more than his share of the seats BECAUSE * HE * CHEATED. So David Onley L G has allowed the closure of the Legislature under false pretenses, against the standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly, it was illegal in process and Onley made the blunder of his life in surrendering his Royal Prerogative to a dishonest, cowardly rogue. Onley has to go, now. Under normal conditions a Premier will recommend a candidate for Lieutenant Governor and he or she will be confirmed by the Prime Minister and the Governor General.