Thank you for sending your consultation to our Patient Assistance Department.

The first step has been taken. In under 48 hours you will receive the answer to solve that problem that led you to ask for medical help.

We know these sort of issues cause concern and anxiety; we will do our best to shorten the stipulated waiting time by a few days.

If, on the other hand, you need an urgent answer or you want your question to be replied by our medical director instead of by the Patient Assistance Department, please choose our priority paid online consultation.

Most of the questions are answered personally by Dr. Rosselló, (our medical director), but depending on the subject, it is also possible contact any other member of our team.

We remind you that the cost of this online consultation will be discounted from the price of the face-to-face visit, should you book an appointment in any of our clinics, in Madrid or Mallorca.

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