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Show the most fun aspects of your game while staying true to your game experience. Show the pivotal aspects of your game first as a hook, be quick to reveal the punchline, and have clear call-to-action (and A/B test everything). Riot took a video-heavy approach — something we saw from the other top gaming advertisers as well. A full 96% of Riot’s ads appeared on YouTube, which is typical for Riot. Clearly, Riot Games knows what works for its audience and doesn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel.

The Fun Plus’ State of Survival, which made nearly half a billion Dollars in 2021, worked with both Walking Dead and Joker. Lilith’s Rise of Kingdoms on the other hand decided on a niche IP, integrating Ninja Gaiden and in the process losing their number one spot in the genre. 4X games can’t scale by exclusively poaching users from other games — they need to be able to recruit new audiences to achieve long-term unit economics viability. Successful 4X games developers are constantly bringing new gameplay mechanics to stand out in the market as seen in the examples below. Lack of product innovation on the other hand is what can be contributed to the decline of past winners in the genre, Kabam and Machine Zone.

Be respectful to the influencer.According to Crowdtap, 54% of influencers report they will only work with brands that show them respect. Consider micro-influencers.Even though they have fewer followers, they get 41 percent more engagement than mega and macro-influencers. The next step is simple – get rid of underperforming ads and focus on the ones that work, i.e., create even more variations of the top-performing ads.

Current and potential student leads were confused and wary about their future. The fact is that the mobile gaming market is ballooning at a rate that few expected. 2019 saw revenues for mobile gaming dwarf the individual revenue for console and PC gaming, so there is profit to be made. Ultimately, it falls to consumers to cast a critical eye on the endless propaganda that has invaded the internet, and now, our favorite YouTube content creators. HyperFactory features include target audience search, fraud detection, tracking the progress of the campaign in real-time, and analyzing the results of integration with each influencer. Consumer Acquisition has been acquired by digital marketing agency Brainlabs in an exciting move to expand our capabilities.

The Ultimate Guide For Advertising Action Mobile Games In 2022

You’ll be able to see real ad examples and why they work or don’t work. It’s basically competitor research, which is really important when coming up with an advertising strategy. Genshin employs the tried-and-true mechanics of the stamina-based progression and the cycling of time-limited content, typical of free-to-play mobile games. With the stamina system in place, players can play the game in short bursts every day, unless they choose to pay. This leads to both higher user retention and monetization since meaningful progress can only be seen after having played for an extended period of time.

This dip occurred despite the launch of two ‘sequels’ in PUBG New State and Garena Free Fire MAX. Sniper Shooters are games with sniper rifles as the primary weapon and aiming as the core gameplay. Sniper games focus on single-player-oriented gameplay with power progression through weapon upgrades. The smartphone screens have grown significantly over the years making games with touch-control d-pad the norm and thus Sniper games obsolete.

It would also be very nice to add a filterable spreadsheet with all champions and rankings in each category for ease of use, but that is obviously secondary. This mastery was previously used for speed, accuracy and crit damage, who are all not increased by this mastery anymore. – Sinesha is a sign of a player who knows exactly what they are doing.

raid shadow legends advertising budget

Granted, if you’re an indie developer or a small game studio, that level of production is probably unattainable. Marvel Strike Force is a free-to-play, turn-based RPG packed with exciting combat and stunning visuals. You might be just one great video ad away from acquiring a million users and reaching the top charts.

How Does Raid: Shadow Legends Engage, Retain And Monetise?

These numbers indicate that the third wave of shooters has hit the shore and the market is mature until the next wave will raise it to new heights. IDFA is wreaking havoc across the 4X games, which rely purely on whale monetization. Limited targeting combined with misleading ads and sky-high CPIs is a toxic combination. Deconstructor of Fun breaks down successful free-to-play games in search of what makes them fun – or not.

This new contestant is a post-apocalyptic hybrid mesh of Puzzle RPG and 4X games. It is one of the most successful implementations of a casual mechanic into a hardcore set, along with Top War, that has a merge core. Although it is debatable whether this game is a Puzzle RPG or 4X, just a few months after the launch, Puzzle & Survival became the top-grossing game in the subgenre.

  • Overall, the evolution of the mid-core category is much like we’ve expected it to be.
  • We can’t talk about Mid-core games without diving deep into the largest genre and the largest sub-genre on mobile.
  • Make sure you strategize around legal implications, for example, specify in influencer contracts that your brand will be doing paid media promotion using their content.
  • Part of me wants to apologize that on the rare occasion I update this blog it’s with another of these explainers on trans issues, but then I remember that’s literally what I originally made the blog for.
  • Other examples include game footage battles and rigged character illustrations.
  • You will gain valuable insight into how the role-playing genre performs when it comes to key metrics like user retention and average session length.

The longest was 6 minutes and 39 seconds, which was significantly shorter than the ASL for games in the top 2%. Make a fun, well-designed action game – if your game sucks, there’s not much you can do to improve user retention. For the top 2% of action games, it ranged from 7.17% to 8.31%. For the median 50% of games, day 1 retention was slightly lower overall, ranging from 19% to 20.59%.

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They are accessible through a compelling setting, automated gameplay, an endless stream of rewards the player receives during the first week of gameplay. Most importantly, though, collecting teams of heroes leads to an incredible spending depth. They are engaged in guild competitions and are progressing through ever more interesting battle pass seasons. But it’s not worth starting essentially the same game all over again without most of the online friends you’ve made in the past year. Everyone knows that hypercasual games get most of the downloads, which naturally leads to a massive amount of daily active users playing these games.

raid shadow legends advertising budget

A good example of a bad IP gameplay match is Tom Clancy Squad Elite. IPs should support your game’s feature-set and core mechanics. IDFA deprecation was the hottest topic in mobile gaming and RPGs took a big hit too. Installs dropped by 12% to 750M from 845M across all sub-genres with the biggest hit taken by Squad RPGs.

Also, why make an IP-based game anymore if you can rotate top IPs? Just look at State of Survival, which made nearly half-a-billion in net revenues in 2021. This report wouldn’t be possible without the help from our friends at Sensor Tower.

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In an increasingly crowded marketplace, you need ad creatives and formats that stand above the rest. Have clear KPIs to measure performance and always be experimenting with new ad formats to improve performance and reduce staleness. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about in-game advertising including the benefits, formats, expert strategies, and more. Quarantine during raid shadow legends advertising budget the height of the pandemic wouldn’t have been the same without Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, or Clash of Clans. The COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and stay-at-home lifestyles have driven massive growth in the app economy for traditional gamers and first-time gamers alike. The Raid Shadow Legends team was looking to scale the marketing efforts and expand UA channels while retaining positive ROI.

raid shadow legends advertising budget

That includes translating the game itself as well as localizing your app store page. If you take a look at these icons from top RPGs, you’ll notice that most of them feature the main character. It makes sense considering game characters are the emphasis of role-playing games. When choosing keywords, consider if they relate to your mobile RPG, and are users searching for it?

The allure of Zuckerberg’s long-term vision through the Metaverse needs concrete drivers in the current environment, and he’s betting on marketable video content. Discover the best practices to make the most out of Responsive Search Ads. Google’s RSAs became the default ad format in 2021 and will be the only ad type for new paid search text ads after June 2022. Now is the best time for marketers to embrace this efficient AI-driven process. Through our creative partnership with Wooga, Consumer Acquisition developed a 30-second CGI game trailer, 50 original concepts, and over 150 videos. We created entirely original 3D computer animation along with motion graphics, 2D animation and FX, text animations, lighting effects, character rigging, illustrations, and character design.

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These medals are used to boost your overall champion’s stats via the Great Hall. Tag Team Arena also known as 3v3 Arena enables you to farm Gold Bars that can be traded for other resources in the game such as Skill Tomes, Champion Fragments and Forge Materials. Most gacha games offer the «free to play» crowd quite a few chances to pull strong units, and they make their money off the small segment of the game population that really opens up its wallets. «Raid» sank its budget into slick graphics and advertising, ignored gameplay and story altogether, and made progress in the game virtually impossible without dropping hundreds of dollars. MMORPG games reached $1.1B revenues with 16% growth and became the second biggest sub-genre.

How Much Are Your Players Really Worth?

Every app category or genre can leverage a unique combination of distinct emotional triggers and creative trends to attract users. Create lanes for your creative team to explore while eliminating unfocused ideation that doesn’t align with your target personas, motivations, or trends. In the empty model below, each box represents a different ad creative concept.

But part of what makes our creative so successful is the inexhaustible innovation that comes from our diverse, international team. As the 3D animation market grows globally— with an estimated CAGR of 11.5% between 2021 and 2028— Mexico is emerging as a state-of-the-art hub for animation and becoming a key player within the medium. While not all creative trends will work persuasively with each motivation, expand concepts even further by targeting specific personas within each pairing. Integrating performance data, competitive analysis, and UX, you can develop a bespoke creative strategy targeting behaviors, triggers, and preferences through individual concepts. From grammar checks to grocery lists, productivity apps have transformed how efficient we can be at work and at home. While different productivity apps focus on specific user needs, such as to-do lists or calendars, there are universal user motivations for productivity apps that drive their appeal among consumers broadly.

Video game retailers responded first to increased gaming time, reports The Drum. The top five were Gamefly, PlayStation Store, G2A, Steam and Gamestop, who between them spent $6.8m in the quarter. Verizon estimates that video game playing was up 75% during peak hours in the early part of the lockdown. The numbers come from research by sales platform MediaRadar, who analysed gaming companies’ US ad spend. Despite the pandemic and plunging ad spend in other sectors, year-on-year gaming ads spending was up 18%. Given the currently available resources dedicated to increasing accessibility, the language barrier isn’t nearly as intimidating anymore.

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This genre generates 75% of all shooter revenues – and if we would allocate Call of Duty Mobile under Battle Royale instead of Tactical Shooters, Battle Royale would be closer to 90% of all revenues. Overall, the downloads in the Shooter genre declined during 2021 by a whopping 27% from 2.6B to just under 2B. At the same time, the revenues continued to soar, reaching 2.4B, which is 14% more than in 2020.

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Despite the decline in downloads, Battle Royale remains the crown jewel of shooter games on mobile devices generating over 150M in net revenues every month . While hypercasual and arcade games boast nearly unlimited amounts of downloads, when looking at the daily active players, shooters are actually neck-to-neck with these two genres. Up to 31 games in the 4X sub-genre made over 20M in net revenue in 2021.

Think of Fun Plus with their King of Avalon, Guns of Glory and Left to Survive. This strategy is supported by the structure of a 4X studio where the live service team is often separated from the core tech and the publishing team. In other words, because the games are inherently identical, one live service team can operate several ones at the same time. Overall, the evolution of the mid-core category is much like we’ve expected it to be. The genres that rely on long-tail monetization kept growing despite an often significant drop in downloads.

Of course, social media is about creating content so your videos need to be creative and relaxing enough to fit well in the space without becoming obtrusive. Some university recruitment strategies leave a lot undone when it comes to higher education marketing. Given that the target audience is educated and informed, their college recruitment strategy does not reflect that.