Penile enhancement (length and girth)


The normal penile length is between 8 and 18 cms in erection. Under the medical point of view, a penis under 8cms of length in its erect state is considered to be pathologic. Sufficient penile size is necessary for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

What is a micropenis?

Regarding the mesure to consider that a penis is small, clinical studies speak of a length that would be in a range from 4 cm with the flaccid penis to 7 cm penis with an erect penis.

What methods are used to achieve penile enhancement?

In our centre we use two techniques enlargement techniques: the mechanical and the surgical approach, both of which can enlarge the penis between 2 and 4 centimetres. The first technique is based on a medical mechanic extensor device. Wearing it for approximately 8 hours per day will have a noticeable elongation effect in time. The surgical approach is carried out with regional anaesthesia and requires an in-clinic stay of between 12 to 24 hours.

Is one treatment more effective than the other?

The outcome largely depends on the anatomy of the patient’s penis. Firstly, it is necessary to diagnose to the patient and reach a consensus about the method to be used. The difference between one method and the other is basically one of time. The penile enhancement surgery will produce results faster than the mechanical device (Jes Extender) that takes up to five months to produce visible results.

How is the extensor medical device used and what are its characteristics?

The device has been designed to be used by the patient himself and its very easy to apply and to remove. Its capacity of enlargement ranges between 2 and 4 centimetres depending on the individual, and obviously on the hours of use (effectiveness is directly related to hours of use).

What does the surgical technique consist of?

The surgery consists on the enlargement of the penis by sectioning the suspensory ligament. It is not a painful intervention and the patient can go home after only 12-24 hours.

In which cases should this surgery be performed?

Undoubtedly, this surgery is only advisable when the patient has a pathologically small penis and/or he has self-esteem issues due to the size of this penis.

How effective is each method? 

The mechanical method is very effective as long as the doctor’s instructions are scrupulously followed and if the device is worn for the appropriate amount of time. On the other hand, surgical enhancement provides.

Is it possible to increase the diameter of the penis?

Yes, with a surgical technique that increases penile diameter from 1 to 3 cms through a  fat injection or fat transfer, which has previously been extracted from adipose tissue of the patient’s own body (autologous fat). The fat is subjected to a filtration process, as well as emulsification and specific centrifugation processes before being re-injected. This technique can be performed alone or together with the lengthening technique. The diameter enhancement surgery in its own, is an out-patient procedure and lasts about 60 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia and in most cases, the patient can leave the hospital 3-4 hours after the intervention.