How to Make Money From Concert Ticket Resale

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How to Make Money From Concert Ticket Resale

concert ticket resale

You can earn money from selling concert tickets through a variety of websites. They are StubHub and Viagogo in addition to Bigstub and Ticket Club. How can you get the most value for your tickets? Learn this article to get helpful suggestions. Here are some suggestions that will help you sell concert tickets. These sites are popular with concert goers and are rapidly expanding.


StubHub is a well-known resale platform that lets people sell their concert tickets. Its unique system gives ticket sellers anonymity and direct sales. StubHub guarantees that the tickets will reach the purchaser prior to the event, unlike traditional ticket sellers who require physical copies of the tickets. Furthermore, StubHub does not charge its sellers any charges.

Sign up for the event in order to add your tickets to StubHub. Go to the StubHub website and fill out the registration form. Enter the event’s name, location, date, and time. You should also include any other details, such as the venue. You’ll also have to mention the amount you paid for the ticket, in the event that it was paid. It’s also necessary to include the name of the event that you’re trying to resell.

System map and platform of StubHub’s seats are accessible for big occasions, such as concerts. You can offer tickets for concerts as general admission tickets or as seats that you choose. Other information like the ticket’s location or whether it is equipped with extra features may be listed. You can then list tickets and then receive the buyer’s funds in just a few minutes. There are risks involved. If you plan to market tickets, make sure you know the procedure.

StubHub is open to anyone to join, but it will charge a fee to sell tickets. StubHub charges 15 percent if you sell tickets to concerts. If you’d like accepting payments through PayPal. If you’re selling tickets through StubHub You’ll also have to pay buyer’s fees. If the sale is unsuccessful, StubHub may refund you.


Viagogo services are offered “as-is”. Viagogo offers no guarantees regarding tickets, software events, tickets, or any other products sold on its site. Viagogo encourages its users to report stolen property to the law enforcement agency responsible, and supports the prosecution of sellers of stolen property. This includes items that were taken from private people without their consent. Viagogo reserves the rights not to offer any item for sale unless Viagogo deems it illegal.

In August, Viagogo removed nearly $2 million in speculative tickets from its site. One seller was selling 700 Glasgow music festival tickets , but was removed. Viagogo’s website is now more trustworthy than ever. Viagogo is a 100% guaranteed transaction, that includes refunds and replacements. You can search for tickets by name, genre, or venue. The users can also see interactive seat maps, look from their seats and observe them from the ground.

The website has several scams However, scammers can avoid them by following these simple guidelines. In the first place, customers should be cautious about fake tickets. Never buy a ticket without verifying the validity. Viagogo does not assure the validity of the ticket. You have to check the seller’s name. Be wary of advertisements that claim that the ticket has been resold. You can confirm that the seller is authorized before you make any purchase.

The CMA has previously pressed for stronger legislation against the resale of tickets. The only agency that has been able to do so is the ACCC has been able of prosecuting ticket resale instances. Other state governments, however, have not yet implemented legislation. The FanFair Alliance, a new law that can be used to safeguard consumers from scams and avoid traps are being discussed. If Viagogo is able to implement such a policy that could have wide-ranging implications for the fans.


Bigstub, as the name implies is a place where professional and even fans can sell tickets to concerts. The sellers are able to access presales and may set an amount higher than the price at which they are advertised. They get tickets via box offices, third-party ticket suppliers or other resellers. Some of these individuals have special connections with event organizers and are also members of fan club. Bigstub offers a wide range of ticket types, including paper, E-tickets and virtual tickets. Tickets can be used for entry into an event. But, you’ll be charged a service charge at checkout.

If you choose to purchase tickets on Bigstub, you should remember that the venue you bought them from is not affiliated with the resale site. The seller of the tickets is responsible for handling disputes. This website is operated by BigStub, Inc. BigStub, Inc. is a trademark registered. This is a way to promote the market for resales. In addition, the site provides high-quality seats as well as excellent customer service.

Bigstub is a ticket resale website that offers a cash back guarantee as well as the authenticity of tickets. The website is licensed and certified to sell tickets. The tickets offered on this website are genuine and the seller will receive payment upon confirmation of the purchase. If the event is cancelled or postponed due to weather, the buyer can still use the tickets.

If you’re seeking an affordable price it is worth using a ticket-resale site. You’ll save money and avoid dealing with hassles by using a ticket-resales site. The site of Ticketmaster also provides the buyer’s guarantee. It ensures that the tickets are valid and they’ll arrive in time. Also, it guarantees that you’ll receive a full refund in the event of cancellation.

Ticket Club

The Ticket Club is a second ticket exchange which allows its members purchase and sell tickets for shows and other events for discounted prices. Prices are typically 10-20% lower than that of other ticket exchanges and are entirely free. Members can buy and sell tickets for concerts, sporting events theatre, as well as sporting events. You can sign-up on the website and purchase or sell tickets.

Refund policy. Ticket Club operates in a similar manner similar to other ticket resale companies. In the case of cancellations or inability to deliver tickets, refunds will be given. The refund time begins when the concert is postponed for more than 60 calendar days. Concertgoers are able to check their FAQs on their Account and Purchase Policy to ensure that their tickets will be valid.

The location of the seller as well as the ticket price will determine the fees charged for ticket resales. Sellers must list their tickets at a lower cost in order to make them available for sale. When deciding on a price, buyers have to consider additional fees. Sellers might decide to sell tickets for less. However, they should be aware that selling tickets on StubHub isn’t for everyone. If you’re selling tickets on eBay or other sites You should be prepared to pay higher fees. However, it’s advisable to list the tickets for sale at a price below the actual cost to avoid being penalized by the site.

Resellers of tickets can profit of tickets at a lower price to make profits from selling them. In the majority of cases, these tickets have been given to close family and seatgeek ratings family members as gifts. If the ticket holders aren’t able to pay for the cost of tickets, they will not be capable of attending the event. Selling tickets to concerts can be an extremely profitable business for both the concert organizer as in the event of a good relationship.

Vivid Seats

One method to obtain tickets for a concert for less is to sell the tickets. Websites such as Vivid Seats and StubHub are able to offer tickets at a cheaper price because they have many customers. Vivid Seats will charge you around $60 for a $200 ticket while StubHub is charged 15 percent. This gives legitimate customers an edge on the competition.

Vivid Seats The main drawback is the potential to be fraudulently bilked. There are no policies on Vivid Seats to safeguard you against sellers from third parties. A ticket seller may delay tickets until the last minute to avoid paying an unfathomable amount. This can be extremely risky for concertgoers. In addition, the company does not provide customers any information about the concert they’re selling. This is a big red flag for anyone buying tickets online.

Vivid Seats provides a variety of ways to transfer tickets. SeatGeek and other sites allow users to transfer tickets from your computer to another’s smartphone. Be aware that Vivid Seats will charge the credit card when the payment is made and you notify them of any issues with the ticket. If you decide to sell tickets on VividSeats, you’re better off to be safe rather than sorry.

Another warning sign of a resale site is the absence of any guarantees. Many ticket sellers are known to send out fake tickets. Vivid Seats is no different. If you aren’t aware of the risks involved it is unlawful to sell tickets through Vivid Seats. Vivid Seats also does not guarantee the date when postponements or cancellations are going to happen.